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How do I know what product is best for my needs?

To find the right adaptive aid that can assist you the best, we encourage you to use the Help me choose function on this website. Three simple questions will guide you through the main options you have when choosing among the available products.


We do offer a connected network for all products solutions and low vision Rehabilitation. Our local Authorized Optelec Dealers and friendly Customer Care Specialists are standing by to answer any of your questions. We also work closely with Eye Care Professionals, Institutions, Rehab Office, Blind Centers, Non-profits, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and more where you can schedule a consultation.


Because every eye condition is unique, there are specialists who will work with you to identify your desired solution and train you to reach your full potential. Most optical aids or services may vary based on your needs and intended use.

Whether it’s reading your newspaper, bank statements, letters or looking at family photos, it’s important to ask yourself, what do you miss the most?

Other questions to consider:

  • What is your eye condition?
  • What is your intended use, ie: reading, writing, viewing photos, hobbies?
  • What is your field of view, ie: central vision loss, tunnel vision, or overall blur?
  • What is your preferred magnification level such as 15X or viewing mode, such as black text on a white background?
  • Are you looking for a device that has advanced functionality, yet is easy-to-use?


We take your privacy and security seriously and will only use the information you share with us through your account in order to process your orders and support you as our customer. You can read more about our HIPAA and Privacy Policy here.



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