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Can you give me more information about your products?

We try to give you as much useful information as we can about all our products, including:

- A detailed description

- Photos

- An introduction video

- Features and specifications

- Available downloads such as user manuals


If there is other information you feel should be available, let us know.

At Optelec, we provide the following Product Categories:


Daily Living Aids:
Recommended to help in everyday activities and often times do not magnify. Examples include lamps, glare control, talking watches and large print writing guides.  Click here to browse.


Optical Magnifiers (2X-15X):
Recommended for spot or short-term reading with limited magnification and/or contrast needs. Offered in fixed powers in both a hand-held or stand design. To ensure you receive the correct magnification and style of magnifier, Optelec does not sell these directly without a prescription. We recommend you consult your eye care professionals or a product specialist to properly fit your needs before purchasing an optical magnifier.


Electronic Low Vision – Portable Video Magnifiers (1.5X – 24X):
Recommended for those with good mobility and have a need for high contrast and magnification generally up to 10X. These are offered in different screen sizes with several magnification ranges for expanded reading functionality. Great for use on the go or to use from room-to-room.  Click here to browse.


Electronic Low Vision – Desktop Video Magnifiers (1X – 95X):
Recommended for extended reading, writing, viewing photos and hobbies. Beneficial for users needing magnification up to 70X or with limited motor skills.  Click here to browse.


Electronic Low Vision – Speech
Recommended for those whose eyes fatigue with magnifiers or have very little vision remaining. Converts printed text into speech that is read aloud in natural sounding voices. Available in more than 60 voices and in 30 different languages.  Click here to browse.


Professional Optical Products
Distributed through, our professional division, Optelec offers the PowerSeries+ product line that includes an assortment of high quality professional products at a great value. These solutions including Optical Magnifiers, Telescopes, Loupes, Spectacles, Assessment Tools, and Specialized Kits. We recognize the importance of identifying the right adaptive vision aids based on your needs. Therefore, Optelec refers requests for the Optelec PowerMag+ line of optical magnifiers, and prescriptive optical solutions with magnification over +8.0 Diopter are referred to our Professional Member Network and not sold directly without a prescription.


Special NOTE: Industry professionals will want to visit the site dedicated to our Professional Member Network where you will be able to log-in and see your wholesale pricing at

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