FAQ’s – What is a low vision evaluation?

Surprise!  That word can at times create a lot of anxiety and stress.  In our day to day life surprises are not generally looked favorably on.  Knowing what is coming and what to expect can help alleviate a lot of worry. 

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Put on your Boots, Grab your Coat, and Let’s go Hike!

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees,” this quote by Henry David Thoreau sums up the benefits of being in the great outdoors. Going for a hike is not only a fantastic way to connect with nature, it also helps us to unwind and recharge our batteries.

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Only You Can Prevent Eye Injuries!

October is National Eye Injury Prevention Month. Protecting your eyes from an injury is important at work, around the home, or while playing sports.  Though some eye conditions and diseases may not be preventable, nearly 90 percent of all eye injuries can be prevented with the proper safety gear.   

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FAQ’s – Which Filter Color is Best for My Eye Condition?

Which filter color is best for my eye condition?  Are there filters that will help me read easier? Do I need two pairs of filtered glasses one for outdoors and one for indoor activities?

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The Importance of Assistive Technology in Schools

According to an American community survey of 2012, a total of 659,700 children aged 4 to 20 reported a visual disability.  (  “Approximately 90% of individuals with visual impairments have functional or low vision; just 10% are functionally blind. However, students with low vision are often an overlooked majority in the population of children who are visually impaired. Difficulties of students with low vision are often not as apparent as they are for students who are blind.”

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The Importance of a Low Vision Support Group

Being diagnosed with an eye condition that will gradually degrade our vision will bring on a multitude of feelings ranging from shock and denial to depression, sadness, and hopelessness.  At times our visual impairment may leave us feeling isolated and alone.  Asking for and seeking out a support system is not a sign of weakness or a burden to those around us.  Without a support system surrounding us in this trying time our level of stress can increase which can cause additional health or vision problems. 

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