Company Territories/Address Phonenumber
Optelec 17757 US Highway 19 N, Suite 200 Clearwater, FL 33764 (800) 444-4443 (option 2 for support) | Email:
2nd Sight Visual Aids Territories: Southern California (949) 631-2707
Ability2Access Territories: Virginia/West Virginia 540-639-9732
AdaptiVision Territories: Massachusetts/Maine/New Hampshire/Rhode Island/Vermont 800-407-6486
C TECH Territories: New York 800-228-7798
Christal Vision Territories: Texas 800-299-0700
Clear Vision Midwest Territories: Iowa/Illinois/Wisconsin 800-261-1212
Emerald Coast Vision Aids Territories: North-East Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia 877-473-8081
Eye Can See Territories: Indiana/Kentucky 317-258-6747
Hanosh & Associates (dba Northstate Assistive Technology) Territories: Northern California, Southern California 530-877-1625
Independence Low Vision LLC Territories: Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Hawaii 602-300-7014
Leading Edge Vision Territories: Idaho, Montana, Washington, Wyoming 208-687-3913
Low Vision Etc, LLC Territories: Mississippi, Louisiana 318-388-5068
Low Vision Solutions Territories: Michigan 231-935-1000
Magnified Vision Territories: Iowa/Illinois 888-567-8766
Magnifiers & More Territories: Ohio 440-946-3363
Magnifying Selections Territories: Florida 866-343-3395
N-Focus Inc. Territories: Arkansas/Kansas/Missouri/Tennessee 866-963-6287
Nanopac Territories: Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, Colorado, Iowa (918) 665-0329
Quintex Territories: North Carolina/South Carolina 828-299-9151
Tennessee Low Vision Territories: Tennessee 866-999-1927 , 615-509-0277
The Low Vision Store Territories: Minnesota, North & South Dakota, Iowa (800) 871-8780
Universal Vision Technology, LLC Territories: Ohio 614-327-5183
Vis-Ability Territories: New Jersey 800 598-0635
Visual Enhancements Territories: Georgia (877) 236-7092

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