Put a Spring in Your Step – Get Outside!

Spring has arrived; time to dust off your walking shoes and get outside!  Did you know that 30 minutes of physical activity everyday not only benefits your heart and overall health but can help your eyes stay healthy as well?  Eye conditions can arise from high blood pressure and diabetes.  Keeping active may reduce or prevent these eye conditions from developing.   An article published by the American Academy of Ophthalmology mentions a study that found that “people who engaged in moderate physical exercise were 25 percent less likely to develop glaucoma than people who were largely inactive.”

Helpful Tips for Walking Safely

  1. Man wearing improvision wraparound glasses outsideConsult an Orientation and Mobility Specialist to learn techniques to walk confidently and safely.  An O&M Specialist can help you learn how to navigate obstacles and potential dangers.
  2. Walk in a familiar neighborhood or on a designated running path.  Learn your route; this will help you avoid potholes, trees, or other tripping hazards. Let friends and family know when and where you will be walking in case of an emergency.
  3. Protect against harmful UV rays.  Wear protective gear such as hats or sunglasses to protect your eyes.
  4. Join a walking club, running group, or jump on a tandem bicycle with a friend.  Connecting with others will help you maintain your healthy habits.
  5. Always consult with your primary care doctor before engaging in any physical activity.  You can also discuss the benefits of working with an O&M Specialist or Occupational Therapist. 

Has vision loss kept you from participating in activities you enjoy?  Connect with us to find out how low vision aids can help you stay active and get you back to your favorite hobbies.  Because life is worth enjoying!

Mar 22, 2021

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