Light Up Your Life with the MULTILIGHT Pro Low Vision Lighting

Good lighting is essential for those living with low vision.  Adequate lighting can make reading, writing, hobbies, and crafts easier and more accessible.  Incorporating effective lighting throughout your house can have a big impact on your daily life by helping you to avoid obstacles and tripping hazards and reducing the amount of magnification you need to read comfortably.

The innovative MULTILIGHT Pro low vision lamp series by SCHWEIZER has been developed with the needs of visually impaired people in mind.  Choose your light temperature and adjust the brightness levels to make it versatile for any activity.  The large central control panel, contrasting color buttons, and one-touch operation make it easy to use even for those with limited dexterity. 

The MULTILIGHT Pro Floor Lamp is the ideal companion for your preferred reading chair.  The flexible arm allows you to position the light so that you can check the TV Guide, read the paper, or enjoy your favorite novel.

The MULTILIGHT Pro Rechargeable Table Lamp is battery-operated and compact making it convenient for paying bills, reading mail, painting your fingernails, writing letters, or other daily activities.  The lightweight and foldable design makes is effortless to move from room to room.

Light up your life with a lighting system that will adapt to your changing vision needs and make the activities you enjoy more accessible.  Need help find the lighting system that is best for your vision and desired activities? Connect with us!

Sep 03, 2021

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