Light up the Holidays with Stella GO!

Good lighting is essential whether you are at home or visiting friends and family.  For those with low vision, the right lighting can make a significant difference in how well text, objects, or pictures are seen.  Around your home, you may have already set up lighting to make seeing obstacles and reading easier, however, some activities may require additional lighting.  The Stella GO can quickly and easily be moved from room to room or even taken outside or into the garage.  This allows you to get the light you need to stay active and independent.

STELLA GO - side table

Don’t get left in the dark during this holiday season; take the Stella GO with you while you travel!  Packing a lamp for your travels may seem like a silly idea but having the right lighting available could mean the difference between being able to read heartfelt holiday cards or relying on others to read them to you.  Good lighting will also help you see the latest pictures of your grandchildren, keep up with reading the newspaper, or playing games with your family. 

The Stella GO is the latest in innovative lamps from Stella Lighting.  Stella Lighting not only offers control over the intensity of the light but the color of the lighting as well, allowing you to dim the light to ten different brightness settings.  Want to learn more about the importance of light for those with low vision?  Check out our blog article: FAQs – How Important is Lighting for People with Low Vision?

Connect with us for help in finding the lighting that is right for you or consult with your eye care professional or occupational therapist.

Dec 17, 2021

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