FAQs – What is the difference between a handheld and a stand optical magnifier?

Optical magnifiers are a simple and effective solution for anyone who needs a bit of magnification to better see fine print, read menus in dark restaurants, or check pricing while out and about.  They can also be useful around the home to magnify text on prescription bottles, cooking directions on food packaging, and checking the TV guide.

Optical magnifiers are available in handheld or stand options.  What are the differences, and which one is right for you?

Handheld vs Stand Magnifiers

Handheld Optical Magnifiers

Handheld optical magnifiers range in magnification from 2x up to 15x and are available with or without built-in LED lighting.  The magnification listed on a magnifier is set for a specific distance from the page, which means you may need to move the magnifier closer or further from the page to find the right spot for reading the enlarged text.  Handheld magnifiers tend to be smaller than stand magnifiers and are easier to carry while out and about or from room to room.  These magnifiers are great for those who need a quick spot reader and especially for those who need magnification away from home. 

Stand Optical Magnifiers

Stand optical magnifiers range in magnification from 3x up to 15x and have built-in LED lighting.  The stand portion of the magnifier is set at an optimal distance for the level of magnification listed on the magnifier.  Since the stand is set at the optimal distance, you would set the magnifier directly on the page or item you are trying to magnify.  The ability to set the magnifier directly on the page makes a stand magnifier an excellent solution for those with limited dexterity or who may have a hand tremor and are not able to hold a handheld magnifier steady while reading. 

Magnifiers with only 3x magnification have a larger stand portion since reading at that level of magnification is done at a further distance from the page.  Optical magnifiers with a higher magnification, especially starting at 8x and up to 15x, have a very small stand portion and need to not only be used close to the page but also held close to your eye.  Working with an eye care professional for training on how to use a higher-powered magnifier is recommended.

Transform your Handheld Magnifier into a Stand Magnifier

The smaller size and portability of the handheld magnifier make it a popular option for many.  However, there may be times when you need a hands-free magnification option for reading, crafts, or hobbies.  The OKOLUX Plus and ERGO-Lux optical magnifiers from SCHWEIZER both offer a stand that can covert your handheld magnifier into a stand magnifier when needed.  Talk to your eye care professional to find out what options are available and what magnification level is right for your eye condition.

ERGO Lux and OKOLUX Stands

Optical magnifiers are just one of the tools available to help keep you independent and make text more accessible.  Want to find more useful tools that will help you maintain an independent lifestyle?  Connect with us!

Nov 18, 2021

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