Safe Travels this Holiday Season!

Traditionally Thanksgiving kicks off the holiday travel season, which will last well through the end of the year.  Airports, roads, and train stations may be filled with people hoping to spend time with loved ones they do not get to see often.   Though there may be fewer travelers due to COVID-19 it is important to remember a few tips before making your travel plans.

Four Holiday Travel Tips

  1. Do not travel on the most hectic days.  If you are hoping to visit family for Thanksgiving, you may want to avoid travel on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving.  Try to schedule your travel plans for any other day this week.
  2. If you are flying or taking a train, book your reservations early.  This will allow you to get the dates and times you prefer.
  3. Bring your portable video magnifier with you to read travel documents and directions.  Since many businesses are going to a more contactless or socially distant way of conducting business, you may find the need to read more signs, warnings, or directions without assistance. 
  4. Review COVID-19 regulations for the area to which you are traveling.  Make sure you are prepared with the required protective equipment, such as a face mask. 

Will you be away for an extended amount of time?  Don’t forget to take care of things around your home to ease worry and stress later.  Put your mail service or newspaper delivery on hold or ask a friend to pick it up.  Don’t leave your independence at home; grab your favorite book, and your Compact 10HD!  The Compact 10HD offers all the benefits of a desktop video magnifier but in a much smaller, foldable, and portable design.  Read your daily newspaper, view pictures and holiday cards from friends and family, write thank you notes and greeting cards.  Being able to delve into your favorite activities while away from home will make for an enjoyable vacation.

Here at Optelec, we would like to express our gratitude to all of you.  We wish you a happy and safe holiday season.

Nov 04, 2020

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