Organizing Your Home – Important Tips for Those with Low Vision

Keeping your home organized is efficient, time-saving, and reduces stress.  When you are blind or have low vision, keeping your home organized is also important for your safety and independence.  When clutter builds up on your counters or tables, it is easy to lose important documents, magnifiers you use for reading, and possibly even your medication.  Small, hard-to-see items that have fallen on the floor can cause injury if stepped on.  Boxes, excess furniture, and bags can create tripping hazards.  However, when items are placed in a specific location, clutter is cleared away, and items are picked up quickly, you make your home efficient and safe.

5 Important Tips for Organization:

  1. Reduce the clutter:  Clutter can cause hazards when walking or searching for items that are important.  Quick tip: reviewing your mail as soon as you bring it in will help you reduce clutter on your counters.  Throw out any mail that is not needed and use a letter file to organize bills and correspondence. 
  2. Take the guesswork out of storage: Having a specific spot for each item in your house will keep you from having to guess where something is located.  Searching for items can be frustrating, time consuming, and may result in items being lost completely. Quick tip: label cabinets and drawers with the items that belong.  This will help visitors return items to their correct location.
  3. Organize clothes:  Organize clothes by type and color.  Placing all your shirts in the same area, organized by color, will help you dress quickly in matching items.  Quick tip: use a color indicator or labels to help you identify colors quickly.
  4. Clean up, tidy up, and clear away:  Keeping throw blankets, decorative pillows, and loose items off the floor will help you avoid tripping or dangerous falls.  Quick tip: tape down edges of rugs to avoid tripping hazards.
  5. Live the simple life, remove unnecessary furniture:  Having excess furniture, such as small tables around your living room, decorative statues, or bins for magazines and newspapers can create a maze and make your living space difficult to navigate.  Quick tip: create a space that flows easily by keeping only necessary furniture.

Now that your home is well-organized and efficient, you may consider adding better lighting to light up your living areas and make reading easier or a magnifying aid that will help you read your mail quickly.  Connect with us for more information.

Jan 10, 2020

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