National Read Across America Day!

March 2nd is National Read Across America Day or Dr. Seuss Day.  The goal of Read Across America Day is to encourage and celebrate reading.  To join in all you need to do is pick up a book and read!  Celebrating reading and encouraging our children to read is important.  Books can open new worlds, teach us about different cultures, and can help us travel back in time.  As parents and grandparents, we can encourage our children to read from an early age by reading to them.  Take them to the local library during story time.  Get them books as rewards for good behavior instead of candy or toys.  Instilling the love of books in our children from an early age will benefit them in life and their educational pursuits.

Kids using the Compact 7 HD to read.

Here are 10 reasons to pick up a book today:

1.  Reading with your child/grandchild will build a stronger relationship.  This will give you the chance to have quiet one-on-one time without the distraction of TV.

2.  Reading improves speech and writing skills.  You can increase vocabulary, teach your child enunciation skills, and learn better writing habits from regular reading.

3.  Reading helps you to be more creative and have a more active imagination.

4.  Reading teaches you how to communicate with others, how to learn from other’s experiences, and how to solve problems.

5.  Reading increases knowledge on topics ranging from animals, cultures, languages, food, architecture, etc.

6.  Reading to your children/grandchildren helps increases their attention span.  Getting them to sit and listen can also help them learn patience and help with memory retention.

7.  Reading is FREE.  Check out a book at the local library and be entertained for hours without spending a dime. 

8.  Reading can reduce stress.  By finding a quiet, peaceful location for your reading, you can check out of your hectic life for a while and just relax. 

9.  Reading can improve your life.  Have you been wanting to learn more about healthy living, find a “How To” book on a new hobby you are interested in, or want to complete a college degree?  Books can help you live the life you want.

10.  Reading can be social and help you expand your group of friends.  Start or join a book club.  This will help you meet new people with similar interests and can get you to read a variety of books that you may not have picked up before.

Those of us with low vision or a visual impairment may struggle with reading.  If you were an active reader before your vision changed, or would like to start reading more, it can be discouraging if you have trouble seeing the printed text.  There are solutions out there that can keep you reading your favorite books or magazines, connect with us for a demonstration.

Mar 01, 2020

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