How Far We’ve Come – Advancements in Video Magnifiers

Since 1975, Optelec has been developing products and providing services to support an independent lifestyle.  Mr. Tieman, an Optician in the Netherlands developed the first video magnifier for a customer who could no longer see by only using his glasses.  This magnifier became so popular that the first series of video magnifiers were launched. 

In the 45 years since Mr. Tieman developed the first video magnifier, there have been great advancements in portability, functionality, and clarity.



History - Tieman Desktop Video MagnifierThe first video magnifiers were limited to black and white only and had grainy images.  With advancements in camera technology and the advent of high definition, desktop and portable video magnifiers now offer amazingly clear images even at the highest levels of magnification.





Functionality - ClearView CNo longer just a simple black and white magnification device, the Optelec video magnifiers now offer a wide range of functionality to meet the needs of people with low vision.  Adjustable magnification and high-definition color allow for crisp, clear images in the size needed for comfortable reading.  Contrast colors are designed to reduce eye strain and glare and while increasing contrast.  Reading lines, blocked out text, and varying reading views keep you on track whether you are reading columns or lines.  Text-to-speech (OCR) gives you the ability to sit back and listen while printed text is read aloud. 



Portability - Compact HD portable magnifiersFor more than 15 years, Optelec has been developing portable video magnifiers easily carried while out and about.  Though the first models were not pocket sized, they allowed for more flexibility and freedom to read on the go.  Now the portable video magnifier can fit in a pocket or purse and offer a wide range of functionality listed above.




Life is Worth Enjoying!

Our priority is to listen to our customers’ feedback and needs while combining it with our technical knowledge to develop cutting-edge yet easy-to-use contemporary, low vision solutions.  Our products are designed to enable you to successfully continue school, work, hobbies and staying in touch with those around you.  At Optelec, we truly believe that “Life is Worth Enjoying!” 

We invite you to explore the wide variety of video magnifiers available to meet your specific needs.    

Dec 07, 2020

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