Frequently Asked Questions – Do I Really Need a Portable Video Magnifier?

If you have Low Vision or Macular Degeneration, a desktop video magnifier may feel like a lifesaver.  Having the ability to read your mail, balance your checkbook, read a book, or follow a recipe without relying on friends and family allows you to retain your independence and continue engaging in your favorite activities.  The benefits of a desktop video magnifier at home are immeasurable, but what about when you leave your house?  Do you have a portable video magnifier that you can take out-and-about?  Do you really need one?

Using a portable video magnifier in a grocery store

5 Places You Need a Portable Video Magnifier

  1. Grocery Store: Social distancing and limited employees make a portable video magnifier necessary for checking product names, ingredients, and pricing.
  2. Restaurants: Whether dining on an outdoor patio or ordering takeout, many restaurants have started only offering disposable paper menus for reviewing available food options.  A compact video magnifier will allow you to read the small print on a menu and make your selection independently. 
  3. Doctors Appointment: A video magnifier that fits in your pocket or purse gives you the option to read and complete health questionnaires on your own, ensuring your privacy.
  4. Recreational Activities: While enjoying a nature walk or visiting a museum, you may wish to read the plaques featuring interesting facts, tidbits, or descriptions of your surroundings.  Having magnification at your fingertips lets you enjoy these activities unassisted.
  5. Around the Home: Though you may use a desktop video magnifier for the bulk of your reading at home, a portable video magnifier frees you from only reading in one location.  Working in the garage, while tending the garden, or reading in the coziest chair, the handheld video magnifier is versatile enough to help you enjoy your favorite activities.

There is a wide range of portable video magnifiers available to ensure you find the one that fits your lifestyle.  Connect with us or visit our “Help Me Choose” page to find the one that is right for you.

Nov 23, 2020

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