Eye Safety Tips for Around the Home

Did you know there are roughly 2.5 million eye injuries that occur every year?  Nearly half of these happen at home and 90% of eye injuries can be avoided by taking proper precautions.  This year has seen a rise of eye injuries and blurry vision due to an increased use of alcohol-based hand sanitizer.  Though the blurriness may not be a permanent impairment, it is important to irrigate your eyes immediately and thoroughly with warm water.

What other eye injuries can occur around the home and how can you prevent them?

  • Yard Maintenance: Mowing lawns, trimming hedges, or using a leaf blower can all cause rocks, sticks, or bark to fly up into your face and eyes.  Using outdoor maintenance tools without proper protective eye wear can lead to serious eye injuries.  Sunglasses alone cannot protect your eyes from flying objects.  Search for glasses that are rated for yard work or discuss options with your eye care professional.
  • Compact+ HD - Cleaning product.jpgCleaning and Household Chores: Nearly 125,000 eye injuries occur each year due to cleaning chemicals around the home.  Before using cleaning products, read each product label thoroughly; make sure you are not mixing chemicals by using different products in one area; do not touch your eyes while cleaning; consider wearing protective glasses while you clean; and wash your hands thoroughly when you are done cleaning.  If you do get chemicals in your eyes, irrigate thoroughly with warm water for 10-15 minutes.  Contact your eye doctor to ensure any damage done to your eyes is not permanent.  And most importantly, keep the phone number for Poison Control handy in case of any emergency.
  • Home and Car Maintenance: An eye injury can occur from a simple slip of the hand.  If you are using a screwdriver, hammer, or other tool to perform home or car maintenance, taking a moment to put on protective eye wear could save your eyes from permanent harm. 

Eye safety around the home can also include keeping cleaning chemicals, laundry detergent, and harmful objects out of the reach of children.  Ensure that all cleaning products are labeled clearly and correctly.  Consider using a grease splatter shield while cooking to avoid getting hot grease in your eyes.  Taking proper precautions and wearing protective eye wear can keep your eyes and your vision safe from preventable eye injuries. 

If your changing vision is preventing you from reading warning labels, food labels, and other fine print, connect with us to learn about simple and effective solutions that will help you around your home.

Sep 29, 2020

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