Crossword Puzzle Day!

Do you get up Sunday morning, grab a pen, a cup of coffee and your newspaper?  If you have been completing the crossword puzzle for many years, you may even have the confidence to use a pen. What happens when your vision starts to change and it becomes too difficult to see to complete the crossword puzzle, read the newspaper, or participate in your favorite hobbies? Is reading the newspaper or completing the crossword puzzle something, you feel, you can no longer accomplish?  Feeling like you are missing out or have had to give up some of your favorite pastimes, can get you down.  Don’t be discouraged!  Many have felt the same way, but there is technology available that can assist you. 

Below is a list of helpful tools that will help you with the activities you love:

  • Optelec Clearview C Speech – Read the newspaper, complete crossword puzzles, write notes, read your own mail, and so much more. 
  • Optelec Compact 10 HD – With the Compact 10 HD you can complete the crossword, read books or the newspaper at home, at a coffee shop, or at your local park.  Take along with you while you travel the globe, or just to visit your grandkids.
  • Optelec Compact HD Series – Are you always on-the-go, shopping, eating out at restaurants, and visiting friends?  Take one of these easy to carry devices with you to read price tags, menus, food labels, or magazines anywhere you go.

Remember changes in your vision do not need to keep you from doing the things you love.  There are tools available to you to keep you active and independent.  Life is worth enjoying, focus on the positive, and make every day count.

Want to learn about more useful tools that will help you maintain an independent and fun lifestyle?  Connect with us to request information or schedule a demonstration.

Dec 17, 2019

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