Low Vision Aid Overview

Reading aids for people with Low Vision

There are many products that can assist you if you have some degree of low vision. Here you will find simple and effective solutions that can help you to perform your everyday activities, regain your independence and improve the quality of your life.   

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Electronic Video Magnifiers

Optelec provides innovative and life changing assistive technology for the blind and visually impaired community, by reaching out with simple and effective low vision aids for personal, work and educational use. Optelec’s electronic product portfolio includes a variety of desktop, portable, PC and laptop video magnification, as well as OCR/text-to-speech reading and scanning devices. Designed to maximize remaining sight for those with low vision, Optelec’s Electronic Video Magnifiers enable users to improve their quality of life, independence and mobility.

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Text-to-Speech Audio Solutions Image

Text-to-Speech Audio Solutions

Optelec offers solutions that scan text and read it aloud for people who find that reading has become too difficult or tiring. There are more than 60 naturally sounding reading voices available in 30 languages, allowing you to select your preferred settings.

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Daily Living Aids

Optelec offers a comprehensive product range to help with daily activities such as reading, writing, cooking, eating, dressing and grooming. These simple aids assist an individual to care for themselves by adding extra lighting, contrast or ways to make life easier.

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