Optelec ClearReader+ Release of NEW Firmware, plus REDUCED prices

A must-have! The Optelec ClearReader+ is a simple and easy to use device with an intuitive operating system. This high quality and portable reading device scans a document and reads it aloud within seconds. Take it to any home, work or school environment using its sturdy handle or carrying case.

What's been updated?

  • More accurate text recognition and image detection with an improved lighting system, which will make reading   documents even easier
  • Increased the number of total available voices to 63 in more than 30 different languages
  • Better voice quality with new, natural sounding, premium voices (male or female)
  • Intuitive menu that makes saving, opening or deleting documents as well as changing settings easier than ever before
  • Ability to save and open documents for later reference
  • New page view and overview mode when you use the ClearReader+ with an external monitor and the Magnification Feature Pack (bundle is ClearReader+ Advanced). Monitor and VGA cable not included.
  • And many more updates...


ClearReader+ Basic, Item No. CR-BA-NG-G2-US-13M
MSRP: $1,795 (reduced $200 from $1,995)
The Basic model of the ClearReader+ will not be updated with the new firmware but will include the new lighting system.

ClearReader+, Item No. CR-BA-G2-US-13M
MSRP: $1,995 (reduced $250 from $2,245)

ClearReader+ Advanced, Item No. CRADVD
MSRP: $2,245 (reduced $250 from $2,495)


Nov 04, 2013

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