The Importance of Awareness

The Importance of Awareness

Throughout the year, different months are selected as awareness months; for example, January is designated as “Glaucoma Awareness Month.”  You may be wondering, “Why is awareness about Glaucoma important?”  Though most people may know that Glaucoma is an eye condition that you can develop as you get older, many are not aware of the first signs of Glaucoma, how it is detected, or that Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness in the world.

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Be Aware and Take Action!

Being aware of something and the facts related to the topic will help you take action.  Did you know that Glaucoma rarely causes symptoms early on when it is easier to treat?  In its early stages, Glaucoma can only be diagnosed with regular eye tests.  This means that scheduling an annual eye exam with your eye care professional is vital to detect and treat Glaucoma early.

Awareness months spotlight common eye conditions or situations to help people become aware of how widespread an eye condition is, when or how to detect a specific eye condition, and how to protect your vision.  They may also help you feel like you are not alone when you receive a diagnosis of an eye condition that can cause your vision to deteriorate over time.  You can learn how others are coping and what technology or vision aids are available to help you remain independent. 

Awareness Throughout the Year

Have you recently been diagnosed with an eye condition that can affect your vision over time and are looking for the latest technology and vision aids to keep you active and independent? Connect with us!

Dec 21, 2021

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